Does WordPress optimise my site for SEO?

Well yes and no…

WordPress does have a lot features that improve the SEO of your website compared to other platforms. However, the “out of the box” version of WordPress is not enough to keep your website up to standard for SEO. Now the easiest way of going about this would be to install one of the specialised WordPress SEO plugins. The two most popular ones are All in One SEO & Yoast SEO, but making sure you are using these in the correct manner is important.

Even if you do install one of these plugins your website is still not completely optimised for SEO, there are things that you won’t notice where the experts would. It is always advised to consult an expert SEO specialist. Optimising your website is only the beginning… there is so much more to SEO. We can’t stress enough that if you want to competitively rank your website on the top page and top 5 on Google, it is not possible to do it yourself if you are new to the industry. You need an experienced team behind you knowing where and when to make updates.

After saying all this, WordPress does a pretty good job of setting up your website in a basic manner for SEO. It also depends a lot on the sort of theme you are using, you have to be careful that your theme is SEO friendly. There are a number of themes that are very poorly SEO optimised and will ruin any efforts you attempt. These themes are often the free ones, generally in most cases if you are going to use a paid WordPress theme they work a lot better.